And So It Begins V2

Welcome to The Art of Hubris. This is where I will lay bare my feelings and opinions about life or most anything.

Undoubtedly many who read The Art of Hubris will be sickened by my freestyle grammar. But I am not here to please english teachers or english teacher types. My style is meant to help make points and bring a little more dramatic style to my writing than the common english grammar would allow. I will admit though my poor spelling and grammar has more to do with my inept spelling and grammar abilities.

Some might be shocked by some of my strong but flimsy opinions on life. Others will be overjoyed that I said it so they did not have to. But whatever the reactions are, I hope they are visceral. I also hope it makes you think. Yes… Think… Imagine that in a society where media feeds us our opinions so that we don’t have to think. Here I want you to think and I want you to not necessarily agree with me. And that brings me to me next point.

This will also be the place for you to challenge me and tell me HOW I am right or wrong. Ask me personal questions and I will tell you all the disturbing details. Just remember, YOU ASKED. And please give me suggestions on topics you would like to know my opinion on. Perhaps you need my advice to guide your life by. ← (Have you noticed this is a very ego centric blog? ME ME ME ME ME! I will also blog about you if you want me to. Perhaps I will blog or not blog about you anyway.)

“May what ever god you believe in have mercy on your soul, because The Art of Hubris might not.” ~The Art of Hubris


About David Schaafsma

"But I don't want to go among mad people," said Alice. "Oh, you can't help that," said the cat. "We're all mad here." ~Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
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