Racist Article by Eleanor Roosevelt

On May 20, 1954 Eleanor Roosevelt wrote an article addressing the U.S. Supreme Courts landmark ruling on Brown vs. Board of Eductaion. In a misguided attempt to reach out to the formerly segregated black masses; Eleanor wrote an article strewn with what she called “jive speak“. As you can guess, editors refused to publish such insensitive dialog and convinced Eleanor to reword her article before publication. You can find the published article HERE.

For you, I have obtained this rare and incredible original article written by one of the most influential women in American history. I hope you will not see Mrs. Roosevelt as insensitive or a racist. Rather, I would have you look upon me as being bored with too much time on my hands.

NEW YORK, MAY 20, 1954 –

I wuz chillaxin’ on da “Tex an’ Jinx Show” I wuz given da news o’ da unanimous Supreme Court decision dat blasted segregation in da skools. I be bangin’ dis here wuz uh unanimous decision cuz I th’o’t it will be a bee-atch fo’ da states wiff segregated skoo systems ta hold out against such uh ruling. So dis be a big dilly!

If it wuz not fo’ da fact dat segregation in itself be a bitch slap, da old rule o’ giving equal facilities might gots gone on satisfying our sense o’ justice fo’ uh long tyme. It iz very difficult, however, ta ensure real equality under uh segregated system, an’ da mere fact dat ya cannot move freely anywhere in yo’ country an’ be as acceptable everywhere as yo’ neighbor creates an inequality. Peep dat shit!

Cletus always bring up da queshun o’ marriage between da races, an’ I realize dat that iz da queshun o’ real concern ta peeps. It just be ol’ about haten da jungle feeva’. But it seems ta me uh very personal queshun which mus’ be settled by peeps in da hood an’ by da development o’ da cultural an’ social patterns within uh country. Whitey can nahh longer lay down rules as ta what individuals will do in any area o’ they lives in uh world dat iz changing as fast as ours iz changing taday fo’ shizzle. It be blunt time-pull out your philly…

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"But I don't want to go among mad people," said Alice. "Oh, you can't help that," said the cat. "We're all mad here." ~Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
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