We Live In a World That Cannot Exist Without War.

“War, huh, yeah
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing”
~War by Edwin Starr

What an extraordinary claim. “We live in a world that cannot exist without war”. Its a common notion that peace is the ultimate goal of humanity. Our popular culture is studded with music, jewelry, apparel, movies, books, and political movements promoting the idea of peace. And on the surface peace is a great idea. What could be wrong with an end of mass death from bombings and a mutual respect for all nations and its people? Well there really isn’t anything wrong with it if you like your house, car, and job.

Our wonderfull world of oil!

So what possible connection does your house, car, and job have to do with something as terrible as war? As I can see it, all those things have something to do with war. Let me present one facet of my thought on this. OIL! Yes oil! A wonderful resource like cheap oil we need war. War for oil started after WWII when the allies divided up the middle east in such a way the allies thought they had secured the oil in those regions. But war had to come save the day again and again to assure the west did not loose control over the oil reserves. Example: Iraq/Iran war. That was all about keeping Iran in check, thus the middle east stable for oil production.

Why not stop using oil then? Think of all the things you own and depend on that are either made of or depend on oil. Here are just a few examples. Oil is needed in the manufacturing of clothes, appliances, fuel, fertilizer for agriculture, cheap hydrogen, skin care, medication, plastics, food preservatives, synthetic fibers, ect, ect, ect. Then all these things that have been manufactured needs to be transported. And what does the world depend on for transportation? Oil!


But oil isn’t the only thing we have to be thankful for because of war. War gave the United States it’s freedom form Brittan. You live on land the US claimed from the Native Americans through war. And just think of all the great cultural and technical exchanges by the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans that took place after they conquered other nations and empires. The examples can just go on and on.

I don’t consider myself a war monger. War has a terrible cost because of the amount of human death and misery it creates. Yet the world as we know it depends on war. So what is war good for? Look around you.

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Who Is Cooler Israel Or Palestine Pt.1

Right now you are probably thinking “how boring, he’s blogging about Mideast politics.” Or “why is he assuming he knows what I am thinking?” Or “em I chafing or is that a rash? I should shower more.” But you would be right about the Mideast stuff. It can be a very boring and repetitive controversy.

You might not even know anything about middle eastern politics and that would not be a bad thing. Because everything in that part of the world has been confusing for thousands of years. Yet for the life of me, I cannot tell you who is really in the right. Is it the Israeli’s who reclaimed the “Promised Land” or the Palestinians who became displaced by the Israeli’s reclamation. There are great arguments for both sides. Its a political draw in my mind. Therefor in the tradition of The Art of Hubris, We have defaulted to who is cooler.

So what is cool? Well, being a guy I like guns and in the middle east they apparently like guns too. So there must be some cool guns that have come from there. The IMI DESERT EAGLE fits that bill! It’s been in over 500 movies. That makes it an A list movie star or a porn star. <–(Because porn stars do like hundred of movies.)

Show your poor mother your a mench. Get a Desert Eagle.

The Desert Eagle comes in five different calibers. Yes! Five! And here are your choices: 357Mag, 41 Mag, 44 Mag, 440 Cor-bon, and 50 Action Express. I should also mention that it also comes in gold. Gold is good if you want to pimp it Saddam Hussein stile. Gold is also a good way to impress your Jewish mother who thinks your a shlub.

So what else would I find cool? Again, because I am a guy. I think big chunks of steel on tracks are pretty cool. As I look around, I am seeing a lot of soviet era Titan Slovinian T-62 tanks here on the Gaza Strip. I really like this tank, it won my heart as a kid playing tank sims on my old Sega Genesis. But its just not as cool as the Merkava Mark IV!

Oorah! Come Get Some!

Hoorah! Come Get Some "Muselmann"!

The Merkava or Chariot is far, far cooler than on old Soviet T-62. Its main and best feature is its reactive armor. “Hey! Just one moment you Pickle-Winged Turdfondler! I thought the Syrians had reactive armor on their T-72 tanks supplied by the Ukrainians?” Your right you middle east nerd you. But I’m not comparing Syria and Israel here. So get your own blog.

How cool is it to have plates of armor that explode and destroys the shell that’s impacting it. Just to get to the hull of the Merkava, you would have to hit it three times in the same spot. Talk about overkill! But you need a lot of chutzpah, when your Jewish rolling into an urban situation with bitter Muslims residents. Lets use Abdul as an example of a bitter Palestinian. He’s the angry guy who is hiding with an RPG behind the burnt out ice-cream truck. I guess I would be sore too if  my whole family was killed last week by an Israeli gunship attack. With such a cool tank  like the Merkava, you will be prepared!

Current Score:
Israel: 02
Palestine: zilch

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My Checklist

A random task list from one of my random days.

Most people have a list of things they need to do in a day. Some to do lists have things like do the laundry or buy some milk. Others have lists of things they can do to build character and be better people. Such as open a door for someone or help an old lady cross a street.

For me I have a slightly different list I follow. Enjoy the mind of David… 😉

  • Pick a side, start a war.
  • Resurrect a dead religion and claim nonprofit status.
  • Have law enforcement help me with my street-cred.
  • Incite a book-burning of ‘Everyone Poops’.
  • Stop referring to other people as “talking monkeys.”
  • Get phat.
  • Let other people talk for three seconds then scream at them “YOU ARE SO F-ING BORING!” Then calmly stare at them.
  • Deny everything.
  • Make the claim that IBS is evidence of human/extraterrestrial ancestry.
  • Earn a doctorate in medical science and get a paper published claiming that eating monkey brains will make you thinner, happier, and younger.
  • On September 11, every time someone makes any kind of joke, tell them “it’s to soon.”
  • Campaign for Micheal J. Fox to become president only if he promises to assume the character of Teen Wolf after he is elected.
  • Be the three millionth person to shoot a You Tube video of a friend getting hit in the nuts.
  • Pay one dollar for an item with an actual paper check, then take my time paying the remaining $8.99 with pennies.
  • Tell people my butt-holes name is Toothless and he has free speech rights just like the rest of us. Then let go of the fart I was holding in for the past hour.
  • Protest water pollution by standing in a public square, dowsing myself in polluted water, and failing to set myself on fire.
  • When asked as a witness in court to use my own words. I use my own words. “Blamboo roomdra grifflacker nicurmber.”
  • Then go to jail for contempt of court. 😦

There you have it. Please don’t cross the street when you see me.

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Kayaking Coldwater Lake

Coldwater Lake: A Peak Experience

Coldwater Lake was formed after Colwater Creek was blocked by the large debris flow from the eruption of St. Helens. The Army Corp of Engineers soon arrived afterwords to stabilize the large debris flow in an attempt to keep it from catastrophically eroding away and unleashing an even larger lahar then the 1980 eruption of the mountain produced. To this day, it is not considered permanent lake because the debris flow that is currently sustaining its water level is unstable and could begin to give away, given the right weather. The Army Corp of Engineers has developed a plan for this and will allow the lake to drain slowly and thus safely in that eventuality.

I could not believe how great that morning was. Some would have felt it was far to cold and foggy. But the crisp air and the mist that poured down the valley and forming on the lake made for an incredible sight.

It was so quiet the silence hurt my ears. At this moment I could not help but stop to drink it all in. I felt a little emotional at what I was experiencing. Quiet, serene, and all to myself.

There are many landslides and washouts from the brooks and streams that flow into the lake. Many form awesome beaches to stop at and stretch ones legs.

Being a valley filled with trees before the lake formed, it had plenty of logs sticking out of the water. Some even supported wild flowers.

I cannot tell you how deep this log went into the lake. But I can tell you that this lake is very deep in most parts. Only the biggest and healthiest of the trees were left standing after the eruption and formation of this lake.

I had made it to the most eastern end of the lake. Lots of pumice, ash, and fine sediment composed this beach. When I stepped out of the kayak I sunk to my knees.

The beach is a large debris flow from Coldwater Creek. Most of this is as stated before, a lot of pumice, ash, and sediment washed down the valley after the eruption.

Coldwater Creek runs very red from high concentrations of iron and after standing in it for just a few seconds, I realized it also befits it’s name.

Not far from were I just landed there was a sign pointing to this area as a boat landing. I found it to be a poor site to land my kayak due to the jagged rocks that lie just beneath the surface.

Off in the distance a large rock slide fanned out into the lake. This was to be my next destination. When I arrived there, there was not much for me to land on. The lake was so deep, the rock slide steeply dropped off just underneath the water line.

I felt the need to take a moment to pull my vintage GPS out and check how far I was from the boat launch and took the opportunity to wash it off a little in the water. I do love technology.

Yet another log with plants taking advantage of this as a great spot to grow.

Do you see the sunglasses in the front pocket of my PFD? Well this is the last time I would see them. This $240 pair of glasses were an unwitting sacrifice to the gods of this beautiful lake. For some reason, it felt like a small price for the incredible experience I was having.

This picture is looking east up the valley from where I just landed at the foot of Coldwater Creek. The mountains in the distance are home to small lakes I hope to hike to and camp one day. I can see myself spending a week exploring those areas.

This little beach was formed by a brook that ran down the hillside. I tried to take the widest picture I could of this beautiful spot along the lake. But as it was, I was standing on the edge of what looked to be a precipice into this deep lake.

Before I left and after spending some time sunbathing, I took one last picture. At this point I really did not want to leave. I was seriously considering just trying to stay here and live off the land. But my more logical and reasonable side won out and with much sorrow I headed back to the other end of the lake.

After leaving the small beach, I encountered strong head winds that kicked up 6 to 8 inch waves. Yet the kayak performed like a champ and sliced right through them. Many of the waves washed over the bow. I was thrilled by the experience of fighting the waves and wind. I then took the time to stop and take a close look at what I though was a large rock outcrop in the lake. It was actually a debris pile from the original eruption of the mountain. I found it to be another reminder of how young this lake is.

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Douche Baggery!

Douche Baggery: The act of being a douche bag, or the possession of qualities which are of a douche bag.

I would say that I can spot douche baggery from orbit. Just imagine me walking along a sidewalk just drinking in the ambiance of our fine County of Cowlitz. Then suddenly I stop! The hair, not only on my arms, but my entire body begins to stand on end. I feel the sharp pain of my bowels convulsing in waves of stabbing pain. Then I hear it! I turn and look to see a white lifted Hummer with its tinted windows rolled half way down blasting Nickleback and the vanity plate sporting “RNEMOVR”.

I want to avert my eye’s to simply deprive this douchebagg the attention he is seeking. But I am not strong enough. I must see the totality of this douchebagg spectacle. A chromed bumper guard, chromed taillight covers, and a chromed roof rack. This must truly be the kingly chariot of a great douchebagg. Then I see it… Yes! Could it be, even ten years after they went out of automotive style?

The douchebaggs Hummer comes to a stop, and there they are… SPINY RIMS! This douchebagg had successfully transcended to the level of the majestic “Grade A Assclown!” Time and space begins warping around this living poop stain. Angels burst into flames and fall to earth. Women are giving birth to children they were never pregnant with, and the music of Nickleback is found to cure cancer. I begin to uncontrollably weep as my small human brain struggles to conceive the magnitude of what is now taking place. It can only be likened to seeing a real live unicorn, but different.


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And So It Begins V2

Welcome to The Art of Hubris. This is where I will lay bare my feelings and opinions about life or most anything.

Undoubtedly many who read The Art of Hubris will be sickened by my freestyle grammar. But I am not here to please english teachers or english teacher types. My style is meant to help make points and bring a little more dramatic style to my writing than the common english grammar would allow. I will admit though my poor spelling and grammar has more to do with my inept spelling and grammar abilities.

Some might be shocked by some of my strong but flimsy opinions on life. Others will be overjoyed that I said it so they did not have to. But whatever the reactions are, I hope they are visceral. I also hope it makes you think. Yes… Think… Imagine that in a society where media feeds us our opinions so that we don’t have to think. Here I want you to think and I want you to not necessarily agree with me. And that brings me to me next point.

This will also be the place for you to challenge me and tell me HOW I am right or wrong. Ask me personal questions and I will tell you all the disturbing details. Just remember, YOU ASKED. And please give me suggestions on topics you would like to know my opinion on. Perhaps you need my advice to guide your life by. ← (Have you noticed this is a very ego centric blog? ME ME ME ME ME! I will also blog about you if you want me to. Perhaps I will blog or not blog about you anyway.)

“May what ever god you believe in have mercy on your soul, because The Art of Hubris might not.” ~The Art of Hubris

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And So It Begins <– A Test of My New Blog

Who will ever read this thing? Well if you are a somebody, I guess that makes you a who. There for being a who you are reading this. I bet you are very proud of yourself! But not as proud as I am of you. 🙂 <— I think that just turned into a quaint rhyme.

Right now, if you already know me, you are probably thinking, “he is this great nice guy and I will like reading his blog.” Well you just might be wrong! “Whaaa!?!”  Just look at the name of my blog. I will give you a second… Yes! The Art of Hubris Do you know what the definition of hubris is? Well go to Answers.com. <— Okay go ahead and click on the link and I will give you a moment to read the definition……………….. So after reading that, just let your imagination run wild with all the types of dung, crap, and outright turds you can expect here. Happy days for you to come!  😉

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