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Armchair Junk Science: The Rock Of Castle Rock

Over the last 150 years the Rock of Castle Rock has stood as the majestic symbol of the pioneering spirit of Cowlitz County. As it resides along the Cowlitz River, the Rock was used as a landmark for navigation by … Continue reading

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Douche Baggery!

Douche Baggery: The act of being a douche bag, or the possession of qualities which are of a douche bag.
“I want to avert my eye’s to simply deprive this douchebagg the attention he is seeking. But I am not strong enough. I must see the totality of this douchebagg spectacle. A chromed bumper guard, chromed taillight covers, and a chromed roof rack. This must truly be the kingly chariot of a great douchebagg.” Continue reading

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